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What is a Cuddle Party?

Cuddle Parties are affectionate play events for adults, designed to provide a space to explore and enjoy touch, nurturing and communication without it becoming sexualized.


Cuddle Parties let you:  


  • Learn clear and easy communication skills

  • Set limits, simply and straightforwardly

  • Give and receive enjoyable, non-sexual touch in a safe setting, where your boundaries are respected.



A Cuddle Party is a place to meet new people, to enjoy amazing conversations, to touch and be touched, to have fun, to practice asking for what you want, to practice saying, “No,” to what you don’t want—all in a setting structured to be a safe place for exploration and enjoyment. Heck, you can even come to a Cuddle Party just to cuddle!



A Cuddle Party is NOT a sexual event. It’s also NOT a hook-up or dating scene.

It’s common to make new friends and learn about nurturing touch.



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