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What happens at a Cuddle Party?


First, everyone arrives on time and changes into pajamas or other comfy clothes.


Then, the group gathers in one room where our trained facilitator, Candessa,

guides us through what we call, the Welcome Circle. It's a brief orientation

where you'll learn to make easy, respectful requests and communicate clear

boundaries, as well as review the rules of cuddling.


These rules establish guidelines for interacting with each other and create the safety needed for people to feel comfortable cuddling with others they have just met.


Following the circle, participants have approximately 2 hours to converse, offer and recieve nurturing/non-sexual touch, try out their new communication skills, have a snack or just hang out. The atmosphere is relaxed, light-hearted, respectful and it's all about choice.

Participants are empowered to ask for what they want, say, "No," to what they don't want, and create an experience that reflects their individual intentions. Some people attend Cuddle Parties just to learn how to say, "No."


Typically, people enjoy foot-rubs, back rubs, spooning, nuzzling, and

just generally snuggling up together. Some people like to settle in for

a period of time, while others prefer to try shorter times with a variety

of people. Usually a group of three or more people will end up in

something of a ‘puppy pile.'


Cuddle Parties are held in a room where the floor is covered in layers upon layers of blankets and pillows. This creates a cozy atmosphere that is condusive to cuddling. Participants can bring their own pillow or blanket if they wish.


Snacks are available and we encourage participants to bring something to share.


At the end, we finish with a short closing circle.

The Welcome Circle


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