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Guest Facilitators

Bob Long

July 2018

Bob Long received his certification as Cuddle Party Facilitator in 2017 and has facilitated parties in Illinois, Michigan, Colorado, California and Vancouver, BC. He has been a cuddle party attendee since 2013 and is a long-time believer in the power of human touch to heal, support, and nurture us against the difficulties of life from the moment we are born until the moment we transition to our next incarnation (whatever that may be for you).


"Cuddling is another exquisite way to connect or reconnect to life, our spirit worlds and the Universe." Bob remembers feeling insecure and quite fearful upon attending his first cuddle party. But, four hours later, he felt transformed and had connected to his emotions and life in ways he had not felt since he'd been held by his parents and grandparents as a child. His wish is to share this feeling with the world.

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