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Policy on Payments, Reimbursements, Refunds and Reduced Rates


All people wishing to participate in a Cuddle Party are required to;

  • Pay in advance by registering through and purchasing a “ticket” on Eventbrite OR

  • Contact the organizers to request special consideration related to your financial circumstances.

  • Payments on Eventbrite include a surcharge of $2.09 which will be added to the $20 Cuddle Party fee.

  • To communicate with organizers about difficulty signing up on Eventbrite, or to request special consideration, please send an email to


NOTE:  An RSVP, “Yes,” on the Cuddle Party Meet Up page is not an official registration. You must go to Eventbrite to register and pay in advance. Anyone who is listed on Meet Up as attending, but who has not registered on Eventbrite, will be placed on a waiting list until payment is received.


Cost: $20/individual;  $35 for a couple. For couples, please purchase a ticket for each of you at $20/each and you will be refunded $5 at the door.


Referral credit is available to anyone who brings a friend to their first Cuddle Party: both people get in for the price of one ticket. The organizers must be notified about this in advance so that 2 spaces can be reserved.


A limited number of tickets on Eventbrite will be reserved for each Cuddle Party for people who are financially unable to pay the entire fee. The situations when people’s inability to pay will be recognized are when someone is:

  • unemployed

  • on permanent social security disability

  • on a fixed income due to retirement and has no additional income


Any participant who meets one of the above criteria will be asked to pay $5 toward the event.


If your situation fits the above descriptions, send the Cuddle Party Facilitator an email at to explain the situation. She will get back to you with approval and a promotional code that you will enter on Eventbrite when you reserve your ticket.


Refunds of the Cuddle Party fee will be given to those people who notify the Cuddle Party organizers of their inability to attend or who go to Eventbrite and request a refund before 4:00 p.m. on the Thursday before the scheduled Cuddle Party. This will release your reservation and give other people a chance to sign up. Anyone who gives notice of inability to attend after 4:00 p.m. on the Friday before the scheduled Cuddle Party will not be given a refund.


Exceptions to the above refund policy are:

  • emergency cancellation of the Cuddle Party by the organizers

  • last minute cancellation of the Cuddle Party due to bad weather


In those situations, full refunds will be given.

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