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Tips for Having a Positive Experience at a Cuddle Party

Things to Do/Say:

Have a positive attitude.

  • Recognize that the opinions, thoughts and beliefs of others are equally as valuable as yours, even if you don’t agree.

  • Be polite and respectful at all times, while touching or talking.

  • Participate as you feel comfortable. You don’t have to cuddle with anyone if you do not want to.

  • Learn to make “small talk” with others – it helps put people at ease with you. Be sure that small talk includes asking questions about the other person as well as sharing small details about yourself.

  • Always remember that, “No,” is a complete sentence.

  • Accept another person’s, “No,” response to your request gracefully and respectfully, knowing that the other person’s response is not about you.

  • Use your best judgment when sharing very personal stories or past experiences or things about yourself with someone you just met.

  • Interacting and/or cuddling with more than one person will broaden your experience.

  • Take very good care of yourself during a Cuddle Party; check in with your feelings periodically.

  • If you feel uncomfortable with a position or touch you are experiencing, speak honestly to your partner about it. If this feels too hard to do, excuse yourself to get a snack and ask the CP Facilitator for help. Cuddle Parties are about making choices and learning new skills. It is not about enduring anything you are not comfortable with. It is acceptable and you are encouraged to speak up. It is also helpful for your partner.

  • Remember that a Cuddle Party is intended to be a safe, welcoming environment.

  • If you are struggling with grief due to a recent loss or other emotional issues that could prevent you from participating fully in the Cuddle Party, please talk to the Facilitator. Support is always available during a Cuddle Party.

  • During cuddle time, help maintain the overall ambiance of a Cuddle Party by speaking at a level that allows everyone present to stay focused on their own conversations and experiences.



Things NOT to Do/Say:

  • Do not be negative. Negativity tends to bring down the group energy and make you less appealing to spend time with. Do not talk about politics or religion or topics that can foster intense, negative, or argumentative responses.

  • Do not ask for someone’s phone number or email address the first time you meet them. This can make others feel uncomfortable and unsafe and they may not come back.

  • Do not leave the Cuddle Party with someone you just met.

  • Compassion is important, but remember it is not your job to take care of someone else’s feelings during a Cuddle Party. Participants are adults and are capable of handling their own feelings.

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